04 January 2023

Eric Huijding joins Total Safety Solutions


We’re proud to introduce our new partner; Eric Huijding. Eric joined our team on 1 March 2023. Together with Jan Wijnans and Ralf Adams, Eric will be an important face of Total Safety Solutions.

This is why we’d like to tell you more about him. Eric’s main role will be as the person ultimately responsible for all the processes within Total Safety Solutions, as well as setting up New Business. Like Jan and Ralf, Eric is from the southern Dutch province of North Brabant. But his work has taken him beyond these borders. He has extensive technical experience in the Dutch and international market. After studying engineering management, he specialised as an entrepreneur in moulds and plastic injection moulding products.

What we like about Erics' approach and vision is that he looks at every project from the combined perspectives of customers, employees and the company. He’s customer-focused and knows how to convey this to the team. Eric enjoys helping clients by looking at the feasibility of innovations, as well as ensuring the right level of maintenance and service. Because, besides adding value, products also have to be - and stay - feasible. And everyone needs to be aware of this. Eric is also an enthusiastic and amiable person, who likes clarity. This makes him great to work with. It’s clear that Eric fits well in our team at Total Safety Solutions, and we look forward to working with him.

Nieuwe Partner