17 January 2023

Leuven Fire Department receives first demo version

The victim accelerated and drove into the ambulance. The firefighters from the Leuven Fire Department experienced something you hope would never happen, when they were recently working on an electric car following an accident. The victim accelerated and drove into the ambulance. Fortunately, the emergency responder was able to jump out of the way, but the incident really shook them up. So, when the Leuven Fire Department heard about the Emergency Plug®, they contacted us immediately. They want to include the plug in their equipment, to avoid this kind of life-threatening situation happening again.

Today was the day: Ronny Gotink of the Leuven Fire Department accepted one of the first demo versions of the Emergency Plug®. In two weeks, they will return it, together with a report on their experience. Someone else can then try the Emergency Plug® themselves.

Brandweer Leuven